We are focused on providing the best software tools to all our customers. The evolution of our division goes hand in hand with the advancement of technology, we are in constant research, analysis and implementation of new trends in the foreign trade environment and supply chain.

The development of customized solutions is also part of our DNA, which is why we have a great team of programmers that transform the best ideas into products and services.

Software Solutions

- The key technology is developed internally, we create difference in the market by generating our own solutions, accelerating our response to the changes required by customers and prospects.

1 - Client Portal. See more...
2 - Transport Control (TMS).
3 - Warehouse Control (WMS).
4 - Annex 24/31. See more...

5 - Automated notifications of events.
6 - Customized reports (Scheduled).
7 - Integrations with other systems.


- We have security measures in place that keep our information protected and complete, applying access levels that can offer availability and confidentiality at the same time.
- To support the operations of each of our branches we have:

1 - Perimeter security Firewall.
2 - Internet connection redundancy.
3 - Backup Power.
4 - Data backup in the Google cloud.
5 - We encrypt our communications via VPN.
6 - Access security at our facilities.
7 - Use of HTTPS

Web Services

- The use of web services facilitates the integration of external systems with our platform, promoting the exchange of information, avoiding mistakes in the recapturing process, thus it is more dynamic. Current options are:

1 - Shipping / Receiving of part number catalogs.
2 - Shipping / Receiving of supplier catalogs.
3 - Delivery of invoices (supplier invoices).
4 - Downloading files by customs declaration number.


The benefits of using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) has a great impact on your business by improving the exchange of information such as invoices, catalogs and other transactions to increase efficiency and accuracy.

We ensure the exchange adjusting our systems for each type of actionable file that you may share with us; the file types that we handle are the following: XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT, XML, JSON. We have predefined templates to facilitate the exchange.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you send me my electronic files?

- By e-mail or sending them to your FTP server (if you have it).

2. What kinds of notifications can I receive?

- Customs (Green, Red, Freed)
- Arrival and Clearance of Warehouse
- Departure from origin, customs crossing, incidence (if it occurs) and delivery

3. What to do if I need a report?

- Contact your account manager and provide a sample report.

4. What information can you send me in a report?

- Any information contained within Entries, Invoices and Customs Declarations, can be included.

5. Can I receive by email my warehouse inventory?

- Yes, you only need to tell us the information that you need to receive, the contact(s) and delivery frequency (for example, every day at 8:00 am).

6. Do you process special reports for Annex 24?

- We currently have interfaces with systems such as: MaquilaSoft, Aranxel, ASCI System, we can adapt to your needs.

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