Company Profile

Our purpose as a company is to connect and grow together with our clients, employees, suppliers and the global market through our competitive offers. We come from a long history and to the day remain loyal to our founders mission and values.
Our company began in the early 1900’s with the vision of our founder Mr Alex Joffroy Marquez to connect and serve businesses on the border between US & Mexico. For over 100 years we have maintained the mission to connect importers and exporters and have become a key player in the market.

We are passionate about the supply chain industry and the great idea of ​​being an active part of the globalized world of business. We are proud to be part of the success of our clients; this motivates us to listen closely and pushes us to be a better company for them.


How we do, what we do, naturally, is our Culture.
Success to us, is about living a culture of continuous growth for all. To make this culture come true, we design our mission, vision, ​​core values & philosophies to unite our people and their efforts in one single direction.


To be one of the most admired companies in America in the Supply Chain Industry by exceeding in these 4 main objectives:
- Strategic Innovation
- Exceptional Customer Experience
- Extraordinary Organizational Culture
- Continuous Growth and Profitability


Connect and grow together with:
- Our Team Members
- Our Business Partners
- The Globalized Economy
- Innovation and Technology
- The Community

Business Philosophy

We aspire to be a great company through continuous improvement and evolution of our Services and Solutions.
To do this we rely on our 4 key Pillars for success:

4 key Pillars

Our Employees

We seek to maintain a team of enthusiastic and proactive professionals that develop their full potential and live our core values.

Our Clients

We strive to achieve continuous satisfaction with our customers through powerful offers and a warm service.

Our Shareholders

We commit to maintain continuous growth & development through outstanding financial results and responsible practices.

Our Community

We want to be an integral part of society in every location in which we are present, to prove our good intentions locally.

Core Values


Righteousness and Honesty above all.


We live passionate about what we do every day and are
committed to our mission.


To inspire and influence by leading by example for the growth
of others


Common Well-Being
Our organization seeks always the Win-Win in
everything we do; benefit for all.


Continuous Improvement
We build ourselves and our professional skills constantly
and permanently to achieve excellence.


“Where there are excuses, there are no results", thus we focus
on generating value and reliability results.

Service Quality Philosophy

To maintain client satisfaction and to be leaders our industry, we follow this guideline:


Professionalism +


Legality + Time


Trained Executives +
Technology + Human Warmth


Continuous Improvement + Processes


Working with Purpose + Excellence

Quality & certifications

We believe in quality and continuous improvement of all of our business processes to ensure effective, efficient and overall reliable results for clients. We are not trying to win medals or contests; we want to sustain quality in the long run in everything that we do and must make sure everyone of our employees speak a shared language of quality.
We aspire to be certified in everything from sales, customer service, operations, administration, human resource, security, technology, environment and others.

Security Policy

We are committed to maintaining and improving a Control and Security Management System in the supply chain of International Trade, in order to prevent the organization from being used for illicit activities related to drug trafficking, smuggling, terrorism or any other risk to the organization, its employees, the community of which we are part of and the applicable laws.

Quality Policy

Our commitment is to provide solutions of the highest quality in international trade, seeking the satisfaction of our customers through continuous improvement of all our processes and intellectual capital of Joffroy Group.


Industries we serve

We serve a diverse range of industries and have accumulated valuable experience that we offer to our customers.
Industries where we have proven accomplishments and knowledge:

Agriculture, Food & Beverage

Automotive & Aerospace


Factory & Manufacturing

Mining, Steel & Heavy Machinery


Customer service: +52 (631) 311-0030
Correo: moc.yorffoj@ofni

Working Hours
09:00 to 18:30 Monday to Friday